Public Outpatients Clinic

This occurs weekly on a Monday afternoon and is suitable for all adult patients with general cardiology problems.

  • Appropriate referral is required.
  • Consultant Medical Staff: Drs: P Habersberger, V Wayne, J Williams & L Zimmet.


General Cardiology Clinic

The department accepts referrals on adult patients with any form of cardiac disease and associated conditions.  In addition there are a number of specialised clinics (listed below) which may be appropriate.

Clinic Days:  Ad hoc days morning and afternoon

Consultant Medical Staff:  Prof A Dart, Drs: P Bergin, P Blombery, W Chan, S Duffy, A Ellims, E Fagan, L Lefkovits, A Lim, D Stub, H Zimmet & L Zimmet.

Pacemaker and ICDs Clinic

The Heart Centre runs Pacemaker and ICD clinics every Tuesday morning and the first Monday morning of the month.  These clinics are primarily for assessment of pacemaker and ICD function.

Clinic Days:  Monday & Tuesday mornings

Consultant Medical Staff:  Drs: A Broughton, J Mariani, G Toogood & S Corcoran.

Arrhythmia Clinic

The Arrhythmia clinic runs on Monday mornings and is suitable for patients who have arrhythmias and those who are in need of specialist assessment for electrophysiology studies.

Clinic Days:  Monday mornings.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Dr A Broughton Prof P Kistler, H Ling, A McLellan, H Sugumar & A Voskoboinik

Heart Failure/Transplant Clinic

The Heart Failure Outpatient programme is designed for adult patients whose major problem is Heart Failure, either systolic or diastolic.  Patients should have no major contraindications to receiving advanced heart failure options which may include device therapy, mechanical support and transplantation.

The programme offers a multidisciplinary approach to care including nurse co-ordinators, allied health and cardiac rehabilitation programmes specifically designed for heart failure patients.

Clinic Days:  Tuesday afternoons/Wednesdays mornings.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Profs: D Kaye, & A Taylor, Drs: P Bergin, J Hare, I Hopper, L Iles, A Leet, J Mariani & A Osborne.

HFPEF Clinical Care Program

The HFPEF Clinical Care Program is a comprehensive clinic to diagnose, evaluate and treat patients with HFPEF, previously known as diastolic heart failure. In view of the limited traditional treatment options available, this clinic provides a streamlined, structured assessment and confirmation of the diagnosis using echocardiography and gold standard exercise right heart catheterisation. The clinic is intrinsically linked to the internationally renowned research program led by Professor David Kaye, and patients are offered early access to breaking trials of new drugs and devices available. The clinic is designed to complement the care provided by the patient’s general practitioner and cardiologist, working in concert to provide advice regarding evaluation and management.

Clinic Days: Wednesday mornings.

Consultant Medical Staff: Dr Shane Nanayakkara, Dr Justin Mariani & Professor David Kaye.

Hypertension Clinic

The hypertension outpatient clinic program provides a service for the comprehensive diagnosis, evaluation and management of patients with High Blood Pressure, Primary (essential) or secondary hypertension including renal vascular or parenchymal disease and endocrine abnormalities (primary aldosteronism, phaechromocytoma, metabolic syndrome and autonomic dysfunction).  The clinic specialises in managing patients with resistant hypertension unresponsive to standard therapy.  It also offers the opportunity for patients to participate in clinical trials of new antihypertensive therapies including drugs and devices (Renal denervation).

Clinic Days:  Wednesday & Friday afternoons.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Profs: M Esler & C Johnston

Lipid Disorders Clinic

These clinics are suitable for patients who require specialised investigation and management of lipid disorders including those with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and other inherited lipid disorders or in whom satisfactory control of blood lipids is unsatisfactory.

Clinic Days:  Tuesday/Thursday/Friday mornings.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Profs: A Dart, P Nestel & Dr P Jenkins.

Inherited Diseases Clinic [incl. Marfan’s Syndrome & Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy]

The Marfans clinic is held 6 times per year. Dr Shaw is the cardiologist who runs the clinic which sees patients who may have Marfans Syndrome and help to confirm the diagnosis and then follows up patients with the disease to ensure they are receiving up-to-date evidence based therapy.  The clinic has access to echocardiography and ophthalmological review at the time of the patients initial review allowing for a detailed initial evaluation. Family members of patients are also encouraged to attend for screening.

The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) clinic is run by Dr Andris Ellims. It is a weekly clinic which assesses patients with the diagnosis of HCM. Genetic counselling and testing is available on site and the clinic is assisted by Dr Justin Mariani a specialist in pacemakers and defibrillators and Dr Silvana Marasco a cardiac surgeon with an interest in septal reduction surgery.

Clinic Days:  Monday mornings.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Drs: J Shaw (Marfans) & A Ellims (HCM).

Non-coronary Intervention Clinic

This clinic has a specific interest/expertise in the management of non coronary vascular disease.  The 2 specialists involved have a clinical and research interest in this area and Dr Shaw performs percutaneous interventional procedures in patients with lower limb, iliac, renal, subclavian and carotid stenoses.  Same day arterial Doppler ultrasound is available to the patients. The clinic is appropriate for patients with claudication, history of TIA’s or strokes when carotid disease may be responsible, uncontrolled hypertension where renal artery stenosis is suspected.  

Clinic Days:  Wednesday afternoons.

Consultant Medical Staff:  Drs: P Blombery & J Shaw.



Consultation in the Heart Centre is only by referral from a Medical Practitioner.



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