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The Heart Failure/Transplant Unit within the Dept of Cardiovascular Medicine manage patients with advanced Heart Failure using a range of interventions including drug therapy, pacemakers, implantable defibrillators, mechanical circulatory support devices and heart transplant.  In seeking to provide the very best outcomes for our patients, our team is actively involved in research into the mechanisms that underpin the progressive nature of heart failure, the development of new treatments and the evaluation of new biochemical and imaging modalities to predict heart failure progression. 

In collaboration with research laboratories at Baker IDI, including the Heart Failure Research Group (led by Professor Kaye) the team are internationally known for their detailed studies of heart failure physiology using a range of research tools in patients with HF.  The Heart Failure team are highly experienced in the development and evaluation of novel medical devices for the treatment of heart failure, including devices that modify cardiac structure and function as well as artificial heart devices and acute circulatory support system. 

Several ongoing studies are aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of new drug treatments, including some developed by team members at Baker IDI.  Studies into the reduction and early detection of cardiac rejection are also active.  The research activities of the Heart Failure/Transplant Unit are closely linked with the CMR program led by A/Prof Taylor.

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